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What is Needed to Unlock an iPhone from bmobile(TSTT)?


This is a question that I am asked a lot and I have to keep answering it over and over so i have decided to cover it once and for all.

Can you truly unlock an iPhone from bmobile and is it free?

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Unlocking the Digicel Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i9100 for Trinidad and Tobago with a Bonus

Hello all,

I was given a Samsung Galaxy S II (i9100) to unlock so that it would work on the bmobile network. As you may know, bmobile started of with a huge sale/promotion which had the i9100 for quite a reduced price. Turns out they were selling the i9100g as the i9100 to some people. Digicel also sold the i9100 at a cheaper price and it also came with a trial of 4G for a month and even cheaper if you bought it with Postpaid Smart Plans.
So this is how to unlock the said device (i9100 NOT the i9100g) which is from Digicel. (thanks for the image!)

Note, the information posted here is related to the said device and the time of posting of this guide. Links may be broken and information can become outdated. Also, this may void your warranty and you can (though rarely) brick your device. I will update as new information comes to me but you are warned!

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AT&T Unlocks iPhones.. What it means for Trinidadians and anyone who has a locked AT&T iPhone?

As you may remember AT&T sells its iPhone locked until recently and hopefully you saw in the news that they have now started unlocking these older contract based or off contract non factory unlocked iPhones.

So what does that mean for us Trinidadians or even anyone outside of the US with a locked AT&T iPhone?

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