How to get GPS Working on your iPhone

This guide is for those who can’t get GPS working on their iPhones, due to some reason or the other. Until today i was not able to grab a proper signal. If you have GPS issues because of using blackra1n. You can use PushDoctor or PushFix to solve your GPS/WIFI/YouTube issue. This guide does not solve this.

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How to backup your Push Certificates.

So you got yourself a hacktivated iPhone and you just used @cmdshft and @anethema Push Doctor App in Cydia to get a Certificate. So what do you do now? Next thing you have to restore! OMG you will lose your certficates and might take forever to get one. Well, i decided to create a watered down version of cmdshft’s tutorial so that new people will understand. Continue reading

iPhone Mods — Epub2Go… Ebooks on your iPhone

Epub2Go is simply a utility to convert your PDF eBook to the epub format which is accessible on the iPhone app, Stanza.

epub is a format recognizable by Stanza.

You can get Stanza here or search it on your AppStore.

So, you can either convert a PDF from the internet or your PC. Make sure the pdf is not greater than 30MB or else… i dont know… just don’t, thats the warning i saw. If you want, try it and see what happens.

Follow the dialogs posted in Epub2Go and you will be on your way to getting your now converted epub file in your mail.

Just go get your mail and click the link to epub2go and Stanza should start to get your file and it will be in the Stanza Downloads Section and added to your collection. Make sure and complete the download.

I noticed that this only works for English books. Like Quran PDFs dont convert to an arabic epub. I have not found a work around for that yet.

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My First Blog

Well, this is my first blog.

The purpose of this blog is to create a single area to post all the mods i encountered in the past and currently.

A mod in this case means a modification of an object/item/program/whatever tickles your fancy… from its original state.

I do wish to advise you that whatever you do is at your own risk, etc. I accept no liability if it’s broken, eaten or otherwise fed to lions.

Happy reading and discovering as i discover new stuff everyday. 😉