NavFone iPhone app for Trinidad and Tobago

Yup! You heard right!

Remember mNAV? The people who brought to Trinidad the Official Maps for Garmin and other GPS devices? They are working with NavFone to create an app for us to have maps on our iPhones. Exciting times for Trinidadian iOS users.

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TV Guide and You (Updated!)

For some reason, only yesterday I discovered that I could use a TV Guide app to check and even notify me when I want to look at a certain show.


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AppBackup Replacement? For the time being Yes!

So if you were an AppBackup user like me, you’d notice from my last post that it is no longer supported in 4.3.x onward. However, life has gotten a bit easier now that we have an app from Cydia called DataDeposit.

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AppBackup doesnt work again in 4.3.x?! NOO! But don’t fret, We have a Fix!

As you may have known, Apple introduced a very nice fun piece to all their devices since iOS 4.3. ASLR.

In other words, some tweaks in Cydia are rendered useless until made compatible with it. You would recognize that one said AppBackup, the nice program creates nice tar balls of your apps so that you can use it to restore your apps when u redo your iDevice is now dead due to ASLR breaking PyObjC aka the backend of AppBackup.

You may think those tar balls are now useless?


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Got a Xbox 360 Controller Battery That is Not Charging?

So guys if you have an Xbox 360 and you got yourself a wireless controller, I bet you have had batteries “dying” on you before. Fear no more, I have two quick solutions to fix this. The both worked for me for separate batteries. I have a white pack here in which the first method worked and a red one in which the second one worked.

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iPhone 4 Unlock?! Since When!! [Updated 6/18]

I have been asked since the advent of iOS 4.1 of when an unlock for the iPhone 4 will drop.

As any normal iPhone n00b will answer, I said don’t worry have no fear, DevTeam is working on something, hopefully the end of the year (2010) there will be an unlock.

Christmas 2010 came. Nothing. But we still have hope!

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General Downgrading Information of iPhone Software and Errors You May Encounter

So I’m here reading everywhere that people are getting lots of issues to downgrade from one firmware to another or generally restoring an IPSW of a firmware that is not the latest.

This results in the following errors: 16xx, 21, 1013, 1015, 3194 etc.

So what to do? First we will outline what such errors mean.

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