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How to Clean a Zalman CNPS-9700LED

Do you have a Zalman cooler? Don’t you ever find it difficult to clean?


Every time I had to clean my PC this was the only thing that had remnants of dust when I claimed I finished cleaning my PC as I used to simply use compressed air or even a tooth brush. These never worked.
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[How to] Rename Multiple Files

So you just downloaded a set of episodes or you simply want to rename some photos you just downloaded from your camera. The file names are not to your wishes huh? Want to change it and make it look organized?

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Hackintosh + Ubuntu 10.04 + Windows 7 on my Asus M50Vm-X1

Hey all,

I would like to write today on my experience with Multi-booting on my past Laptop. I am a very huge tech n00b even though some might think otherwise. So, here we go.

I always wanted a hackintosh system as I don’t own a Mac yet.

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How to get rid of Stupid Fake AntiVirus’ and clean up your dirty system

So, you have been digging through some parts of the internet you shouldn’t have or clicked a few ads and triggered a cataclysmic (yea big word ae, love it?) chain reaction of events that left you with your laptop or desktop, blurred vision and an impaired knowledge of what happened last night.

Ok may be not but you may have this pesky FAKE antivirus telling you every second your infected and it will kill you if you don’t fix it… Right.

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Linksys WMP54G v4.1 64bit Drivers

So you have the Linksys WMP54G v4.1 and you got a 64bit version of windows.
We all know how great Linksys Solutions work in this environment. (No drivers… No care from Linksys)

Get them below

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Install Multiple Apps at Once using Ninite

Hey all,

Thanks to one of my friends on Facebook, I discovered this site to share with you all.

It’s called Ninite Easy PC Setup.

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