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Converting Dates in General Format to Dates Data Acceptable to Excel

Hello all,

Today I was given a task to find the age of a list of persons given their date of birth. Simple task right? Wrong!
I figured I could simply use what fontstuff described here and get it easily but it seems my data was not formatted. So first step was to convert it from General to Date? Wrong!

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Installing a Kingwin 2.5″ Bracket in an Antec 900

If you bought an SSD recently and it was not an upgrade kit option with the SATA Cable and Bracket to mount in your desktop space, you would notice that you’d need a bracket to do so.

I found a cheap one on amazon, a Kingwin branded 2.5″ to 3.5″ drive bracket/mount adapter for $5.99 with prime. But to mount it in an Antec 900, it will take some work. Here is how…
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How to Clean a Zalman CNPS-9700LED

Do you have a Zalman cooler? Don’t you ever find it difficult to clean?


Every time I had to clean my PC this was the only thing that had remnants of dust when I claimed I finished cleaning my PC as I used to simply use compressed air or even a tooth brush. These never worked.
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