Installing a Kingwin 2.5″ Bracket in an Antec 900

If you bought an SSD recently and it was not an upgrade kit option with the SATA Cable and Bracket to mount in your desktop space, you would notice that you’d need a bracket to do so.

I found a cheap one on amazon, a Kingwin branded 2.5″ to 3.5″ drive bracket/mount adapter for $5.99 with prime. But to mount it in an Antec 900, it will take some work. Here is how…

You will need a little bit of patience and the supplied screws with the bracket to secure it to your case.

As you may know the Antec 900 case has two 3.5″ stacks of 3 slots which are removable. You also need to use 4 long screws to secure a 3.5″ drive to the bay. This will not work with the Kingwin bracket as the diameter of the screws are too large (See photo below).


You will have to remove the 4 plastic shafts that are in the stack (for that bay alone) and then secure the Kingwin bracket to the bay. To remove those plastic shafts, simply stick a small screw driver in there and gently pry it. It will eventually come apart.

Black plastic shaft removed:


Bracket secured to stack (SSD also secured).


Another view of SSD installed.


Side note: yes this is in an older intel system and adding an SSD into the mix made things quite faster and took access times down significantly. If you have the cash and your old 775 Socket is feeling a bit slow, get one! I’d like to thank my brother for giving me it as a gift. I’m using a Kingston 120GB SSD.

I hope this simple guide has helped you in making your purchase. Feel free to comment on it.

God Bless


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