How to Clean a Zalman CNPS-9700LED

Do you have a Zalman cooler? Don’t you ever find it difficult to clean?


Every time I had to clean my PC this was the only thing that had remnants of dust when I claimed I finished cleaning my PC as I used to simply use compressed air or even a tooth brush. These never worked.

I went googling away and also asked on Trinituner in our PC thread about it. Turns out you can simple wash it!

First you of course take it off the CPU then remove the fan. In this CNPS 9700 model there are two small screws securing it. Remove those and the fan will not be connected anymore.

Now you will have a slab a copper fins and pipes with an element. If you are worried about scratching the element (part that is covered with thermal paste and stuck to the CPU), you can cover it with plastic wrap. You will clean this before tinting with thermal paste before reinstallation as well, just in case.

Take this and simply use water to wash away all of the dust. I used a hose and it got all of the dust!
To easily dry it, I used a Datavac blower to push all of the water out of the heat sink fins then I placed it in the sun for about 15 minutes.
Users on claim that you can use Brasso/CRC cleaners to restore the lovely bronze appearance of this model. Honestly, I might need to give mine some TLC since it’s starting to turn a bit green.

Once you are happy that it’s dried, go ahead, reinstall the fan and mount on over the CPU with your choice of thermal paste etc. and enjoy a clean Zalman!

Note: you are not soaking the fan! Also be careful not to scratch the element area where it comes in contact with the CPU.

I hope you all found this helpful.

God bless


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