Netflix in Trinidad and Tobago is not so Bad

As you may know Netflix came to the shores of Trinidad and Tobago last year. Netflix in case you don’t know is an online streaming service that you pay a monthly subscription for and they provide you with various shows and movies that you will normally see on Cable, Television and the likes on demand. Here are my views on it thus far.

One of my fellow local bloggers, techtt, has been following its developments thus far. Feel free to check out that link.

I myself have been using Netflix off and on for the past year but I have been using it with an online masking service provided by unblock-us and I basically gained access to the US version of Netflix.

Today however I canceled it and decided to see if Netflix would work.
And it did!

I was however provided with the Latin American version so… Of course I was presented with a seemingly limited range of shows and movies, namely shows like Mr. Bean, some of Top Gear, Pink Panther, etc. were missing. I also noticed my Instant Queue disappeared. But all is not lost however!

There might just be some advantages to this! I signed up using a MasterCard credit card and as you may notice, you can only use a VISA type credit card to sign up for the TT version of Netflix. I shall leave my account and see if indeed my card on file is charged using the TT version to confirm that you can in fact use your MasterCard credit card with it. This may mean if you have a non-VISA credit card in Trinidad or Latin America you can probably still use it on Netflix with some work. Of course I had a skybox address attached to my credit card.

Also, this opens up a window for an even wider selection of shows. As you will now see in the US Netflix, Armageddon is not available however… It is on the TT version!

US Version

TT Version

I will be playing around with this TT version of Netflix and see how it goes.

Stay tuned!

Update: so it seems if you do in fact have a MasterCard credit card that is linked to your US Netflix and you end up using the TT version (say in my case the VPN/DNS server expired) your MasterCard will be charged! So in other words you don’t need solely a VISA card to access the TT Netflix.
Also only some content is available in HD and sometimes spanish subtitles cannot be turned off which is really annoying.
To access your old Instant Queue online in web access, you can use a trick I found which is: go to the billing detail area and you will see the tab for Instant Queue reappear.

Thank you very much for reading.
God bless

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