Got Emails in Gmail and Want to Send All to a Document? Here’s What to Do

If you are a gmail user, you would have heard about Google Labs. As you know there is an option to “create a document” in Labs but this is for Single Emails. What if you had multiple emails, would you go individually and select each? hah! nope.

Here is where googling (if there is no such word… IT SHOULD BE MADE A WORD!) came into play. I discovered this solution posted by Oron Joffe in this page.

Seeing as the thread is still live and there’s interest in the subject, here’s a method more suitable to large numbers of messages.

In GMail, create a new label and mark all the messages that you want to export. Now use Thunderbird to connect to GMail over IMAP, and subscribe to the label (in IMAP, GMail labels appear as folders). This will download all the messages you need, but not others (apart from the inbox, which will be automatically subscribed).
Download ImportExportTools from… and install it into Thunderbird (Tools=>Add Ons… Install…). Restart Thunderbird to complete the installation

Now click on the folder you want to export, and choose from the Menu Tools=>ImportExportTools=>Export all messages in the folder=>Plain text format (one file). This will create a text file with the key headers (From: To: Date: etc) and the body of the messages.

From what is stated above, all you do is send all the emails to a label (by filtering of course!) and then install Thunderbird. After which you add your email and you will notice your label becomes a folder. You then install ImportExportTools (installation instructions on the mainpage) and restart Thunderbird. When you restart just access the new menu and export! Boom! All the emails are in one file for easy manipulation.

Easy huh? Thank God for Google.

I hope this has helped you out, it did for me. All thanks goes out to the addon creator, Thunderbird and of course Oron Joffe.

Good Luck

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