[How to] Rename Multiple Files

So you just downloaded a set of episodes or you simply want to rename some photos you just downloaded from your camera. The file names are not to your wishes huh? Want to change it and make it look organized?

Clean up all that mess by using a simple program called A.F.5 Rename your files.

Since I read this lifehacker post a while back, I have been a frequent user of The Renamer. What this program does is easily rename your files so that XBMC picks them up and reads them properly.

I ran into some errors recently while using The Renamer and I decided to go on a program hunt! I some how ran into text replacers and not filename replacers. But a simple yahoo answer showed me the way!

You can simply rename your episode files using A.F.5 Rename your files.

It allows you to add Types of Characters in the new Filename whether it be String, Counter, etc. so you can customize your new Filename quite effectively! So for all your episodes; what you want is say a string, string, string, string, counter. Like this:

Some of them not displayed in order? You can use the Up and Down buttons to put them in order!

I must say this helped The Renamer get the correct names and no more errors again. Thanks to the creators of AF5!

I hope this was useful. Feel free to leave any comments.

God Bless


The Renamer

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