NavFone iPhone app for Trinidad and Tobago

Yup! You heard right!

Remember mNAV? The people who brought to Trinidad the Official Maps for Garmin and other GPS devices? They are working with NavFone to create an app for us to have maps on our iPhones. Exciting times for Trinidadian iOS users.

Blackberry users already have this option as an app has already made its way to Blackberry AppWorld. In this venture they used an Italian Company, Ubiest, which allowed them to give users a 15-day trial.  You can view more details on their website or their Facebook page.

From the looks of it, they are looking to take this map business on our mobile devices by storm! Not only is an iPhone app planned but one for our Android buddies as well. This is excellent news I must say as we all know how accurate Google Maps is with their Hybrid Maps.

If you visit a local forum, Trinituner, you will notice the talk about using google mapmaker to “fix” the roads in order to quell the offset in those maps. This is a tedious process and many have jumped onto OpenStreetMaps now.

Thankfully, with the NavFone iPhone app for Trinidad and Tobago this saves us from all of the hassle and we won’t have to worry about being “lost in the bush” again.

But nah Trinidad small… wuh yuh need that for?

Yes we hear this statement a lot but you never know, one day, you find yourself in the middle of Penal and you can’t find your way out. I’m sure this  app will more than suffice to help you navigate your way back home.

So how does it look? So far they provided us with a few images:

The Startup screen:

(from their Facebook page)

Navigation in Port-of-Spain:

(from their Facebook page)

We expect to see it hitting the AppStore in mid-June and for the latest end of June.

With respect to pricing, it will be set at $49.99 USD. It will be a one time fee with updates throughout the year (about four (4) are expected). They are said to be working with NavFone about yearly updates. In NavFone’s current scheme we would have to pay the same fee again the next year but mNAV’s plan would be for a smaller update fee and an Over-the-air (OTA) update instead.

The maps would also be preloaded so if you don’t have a data plan, no worries!

To be honest, I’m a bit hyped for this release. We would finally be getting proper accurate maps for our entire country.

Would I pay the $49.99USD fee?
I am still debating it because I hardly travel to unknown places and for me it would not be a necessity. I’m certain though for those who like to venture out a lot and also persons who do a lot of deliveries, this will come in very handy. Also, compared to getting a Garmin GPS with maps this is certainly more affordable.

I will keep this post updated if any future developments arise.

UPDATE 1: First Four Videos Showing the app has been uploaded as promise.

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave your comments.

God bless


  1. The Navfone iPhone app will have over 10,000 points-of-interest stored in it. Of particular interest are the huge number of businesses that are stored in it. Ever looked in the yellow pages for a business, and then had to call them to get unclear directions over the phone. Just search for it on your app and it will take you there.

    And remember it has full maps for Tobago. Most every guest house, pub, bar, restaurant, beach, etc. So if you want to discover more places in Tobago, you can with your phone.


    Emile Ackbarali

    • Excellent! Thanks for the additional info 🙂
      I was looking at some of the apps NavFone have developed. They seem pretty solid and those POI features surely will come in handy!

    • arthur
    • August 12th, 2011

    I use it regularly. It’s excellent! Can’t understand why more people don’t use this as so often people show up late for meetings complaining they got lost…

    • Haha agreed. Wished there were more companies address though. I had to google addresses first and then put the corner in.

    • nigel indar
    • January 8th, 2012

    Would you have this app for samsung smart phones ?

  1. June 8th, 2011

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