AppBackup Replacement? For the time being Yes!

So if you were an AppBackup user like me, you’d notice from my last post that it is no longer supported in 4.3.x onward. However, life has gotten a bit easier now that we have an app from Cydia called DataDeposit.

DataDeposit created by justinxxvii allows users to backup the necessary files for each app to Dropbox (yes finally!) so that we can not only restore to another device later on but also restore to other devices. You can basically share your progress in Angry Birds with your friends or family!

It does this with very simply and easy to follow menus. You can select individual apps you wish to backup and a popup will tell you the status and how much has been uploaded to Dropbox.

When you are on your newly restored device or your next device, just simply go to Cydia and install DataDeposit and tap “Restore From Dropbox.”

A list of all your backed up apps will begin to populate the screen and you can easily restore each one assuming you have already installed/synced your apps.

Of course you will need to be jailbroken to install apps from Cydia and have a Dropbox account.

If you dont have a Dropbox account, feel free to click here and sign up for Dropbox. Using this link will help me gain extra space and you will start with 250MB extra on top of your 2GB of space! We both gain!

I hope this has helped you out in some way.

Good luck

God Blessings


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