iPhone 4 Unlock?! Since When!! [Updated 6/18]

I have been asked since the advent of iOS 4.1 of when an unlock for the iPhone 4 will drop.

As any normal iPhone n00b will answer, I said don’t worry have no fear, DevTeam is working on something, hopefully the end of the year (2010) there will be an unlock.

Christmas 2010 came. Nothing. But we still have hope!

Wait, what?! they didn’t deliver? Oh well that’s no problem. Believe me, it was no problem to me either. I wasn’t ever going to chance not buying a factory unlocked iPhone and in the words of the Devteam There is never an ETA but Sunday is Funday!

Word was that as iOS 4.3 dropped, within the coming weeks, ultrasn0w would have been updated so that you software unlockers out there would have a chance to use your iPhones as a Phone!

Nothing again!

You can read the disappointing post on Redmondpie here.

I know of persons waiting since last year for an unlock, but fear not, a solution or may be three are available, but at a cost.

THREE?! WOW It’s Really Just One Brand Now

Well this post has been updated from the 16th of April and now it may seem there is only one way right now… But I will leave the other two as general info.

Yes, three solutions are available.
First there is an Official Unlock from providers such as OfficialUnlock and CutYourSIM.
Basically what they or someone is doing is putting your IMEI on the whitelist and the unlock is coming straight from Apple via iTunes. I believe Rogers/Fido in Canada is supposed to be offering this service and apparently this is something that has been happening outside of the US for some time. Strange that Apple has not clamped down on it from outside of carriers.
However the cost is… $180.00 USD. It seems that it has worked to. However at the time I’m writing this post, i see CutYourSIM has stopped accepting orders at this time.
Thing is, there could be a way to track your IMEI and who knows may be Apple can re-lock your device and then again $180 is a lot of money. But, there are a success stories so if you have the money, I’ll go out on a limb and say try it! Seems like most services offering this have suspended it. Who know what has happened! You can check cutyoursim.com for some answers.

Secondly, there is something called a Gevey SIM (The only working method really).

A What?!

Yeah that was my reaction at first hearing. Basically a SIM in a simtray that u put your SIM you wish to use in and stick it into your iPhone 4. Do some little tricks and you should have voice and data services! This too costs money. You can read all about it from Redmondpie here and an even more in depth reading here. It costs around $70 USD and you can buy it from here. It is said to work up to iOS 4.3.3 for the original one from Applenberry.

(thanks ihackintosh)

It is a bit tricky method this and in some places, the US as well, illegal! But word is that it works.

From local sources it may seem that the Gevey sim the only way as of right now to unlock your iPhone 4. It supports all of the basebands for firmwares up to 4.3.3. Even iOS 5 beta seems to be supported. Yes you have to do the dial 112 and hangup ritual each time you eject your simcard but it does work.

Remember, make sure you are buying the PRO version as it has lots of fixes and works better and also it is from a reliable source.

Apparently, the Rebel sim does exactly what the Gevey Pro does. Again I will leave this info up just for information sake.

Thirdly, there is a more known name in the game and that is a Rebel SIM method. This is similar to the Gevey SIM as it can take the form of a simtray. But it is an untethered solution. This means that it will always automatically grab service and you dont have to do the procedure over and over like in a Gevey SIM. There is a lite version and a PRO version available with costs of $48 and $65 USD.
(thanks RebelSIM)
The devteam however has not said anything about this method although it is the cheaper of the three.

As of today, the creators of the Gevey Sim showed us this video of an untethered Unlock now available. No more dialing of 112 and worries of taking off your iPhone.

It must be noted that your iPhone must be jailbroken however and you may have to buy a new Gevey ULTRA. They didnt say what is the price… or if the Gevey PRO is supported.

We now wait patiently for this.

What Would I Do?

Hmm. This I cannot answer. I would first of all NEVER buy an iPhone that needs to be unlocked. I have learnt my lesson about waiting on unlocks and updated basebands. Canada has the iPhone for about $750 CAN after tax and that is well worth the price compared to the hassle of always worrying whether you can safely update your iPhone. It’s therefore factory unlocked or nothing!

At the end of the day, it is you who has to make the decision. You can wait for the Devteam’s NCK crack that will in essence pwn the iPhone 4 for life and should be free, but I know of quite a few who are waiting since last year! The Devteam does this for nothing in return so again if they do end up releasing an unlock many thanks and best wishes to them. If not, still many thanks and best wishes as we the average user can’t just up one day and find an unlock as these guys do!

Good luck

God Blessings




5/25/2011 – Corrected information about Rebel SIM and IMEI unlock.

6/18/2011 – Added video of GeveySIM Untethered fix.


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