General Downgrading Information of iPhone Software and Errors You May Encounter

So I’m here reading everywhere that people are getting lots of issues to downgrade from one firmware to another or generally restoring an IPSW of a firmware that is not the latest.

This results in the following errors: 16xx, 21, 1013, 1015, 3194 etc.

So what to do? First we will outline what such errors mean.

Error 16xx and 21

You get this generally when you are updating to a custom firmware built by pwnagetool or by sn0wbreeze. I you used the pwned DFU method you will not experience this. But say you dont have any of the tools like those IPSW builders you should read lower on how to enter a pwned DFU.

Error 10xx (eg. 1013,1015)

This error happens as a result of an improper flash of the baseband. Believe you me, if you are an unlocker this is a good sign! This is not just an error for you, its more of a relief in a way. This means that your baseband was not updated. A pwned DFU /may/ not cause these errors to occur but once you get this error know for certain your Baseband was not touched by your restore.

Error 3194

This is a simple one. This happens when you are trying to restore to an older firmware that Apple has stopped signing or to the latest firmware and your host file is pointed to saurik’s server which may not have your SHSHs for the latest firmware. As you may know, there are blobs called SHSH’s that can be saved by tools such as TinyUmbrella. When you open Cydia you see the following if indeed you have blobs saved:

(thanks iPhoneDownloadBlog)

Note: Cydia /may/ only save one of your SHSH blobs so be sure to use a program like TinyUmbrella to be sure that you can downgrade or restore to the said firmware you wish to so that you wont encounter this error.

So What Should I do?!

Basically what you want if you need to downgrade and your firmware isnt signed any longer, you need to have those SHSH’s. SHSH’s are unique to each device and hence you cannot transfer them from one iDevice to another. Yes I know it is a lot to keep up with but believe you me, you don’t want to be the one who one day his/her iPhone enters a boot loop and you didnt have any SHSH’s in the bag. Trust me I know a lot of people this has happened to already.

So once you have those SHSH’s we are ready! To ensure you have SHSH’s, again, one program, TinyUmbrella is your best bet!

Get it and Open it. Check to see if you have any SHSH’s for the said device. Once you do for the required firmware you can now proceed to read a guide like this by iHackintosh.


But I know this, but what about teh errors i get?!

If you cant read the above, well, you don’t deserve an iPhone (yeah I said it!). If however you want a clean iPhone and you are restoring, be sure to have your SHSH’s backed up (Yea i said that about 10 times now) and once you are not an iPad 2, any device before that is on iOS 4.x you ABSOLUTELY NEED a pwned DFU. This will save you all the headache of the first error and if you are using a custom IPSW (Which I hope you are if you are an unlocker) this should leave you with a clean restore without errors.

Also, what is key is that as said in that guide, you must have your TSS Server running in TinyUmbrella, this is so that your host file points to Saurik’s SHSH server where your SHSHs are stored. This will ensure that you don’t get that error 3194.

But How Do I Get a pwned DFU.

Simply, if you are building an IPSW from pwnagetool, just use the Enter DFU button and follow the steps on that. But if you are on windows, you can simple use iREB. This is as simple as the push of a button!

Thanks to ih8sn0w for this.

Once you are in a pwned DFU state. Open up TinyUmbrella and start your TSS Server, make sure there are no errors, open iTunes and hold Shift (if you are in windows) and press RESTORE. Load your IPSW and let the action start. Hopefully you don’t get any errors.

I still get an errors 10xx?!

If this happens, be not afraid dear one. You can probably kick the iPhone out of recovery using, yeah you guessed it, TinyUmbrella! There is a Kick out of Recovery button. Or you can use Fix Recovery, also via their website.

Good Luck.

Last but not least, thanks must be given to notcom! I decided that I said TinyUmbrella so much that I must give him kudos at the end. Also thanks goes out to the Devteam, chronicdevteam, geohot and all the others who make jailbreaking so easy and accessible.

As always, be sure to comment if this helped and this is to the best of my knowledge what I know, it may be wrong so if you mess up, don’t come ranting at me!

God Bless


    • Danny
    • May 17th, 2011

    I could never figure out what a SHSH is or what to do about them, so I just tried to jailbreak and unlock without it. Stupid, I know.
    Anyway, I installed Cydia and 6.15.00 on my 3GS(newer model)4.2.1.
    I have 6.15, but Cydia icon is white and when clicked does not open and Safari opens for 2 seconds and quits. Was told bad flash. Phone works with talk, text, and data, just can’t open a browser window that an app doesn’t open for me. Any suggestions for a moron?

    • I assume you know what SHSH’s are by now?
      Well they are blobs/ files that are stored on saurik (the main guy behind cydia) server allowing us to downgrade to any firmware. Apple basically signs each firmware and closes the window on old firmwares once the new one is released.
      Now on to your issue with the white cydia.
      Why not use sn0wbreeze and update right up to 4.3.3? your jailbreak sounds like its tethered as cydia is a white icon and i assume it crashes?
      Alternatively you can use redsn0w and follow this guide:

    • Danny
    • May 26th, 2011

    My phone is not tethered. Cydia does crash. The problem has been that all the guides I have used(4) assume I know stuff that I don’t. I screwed up my phone cause the guide I was using was for jailbreaking and I assumed I needed to update to 6.15 at the same time as Cydia cause another guide said to. (unlocking). So I could update phone with itunes to 4.3.3 and start over if I want?

    • Yup. Go up to 4.3.3. Remember though if you use the virgin Ipsw that you will get a 10xx error like 1013 meaning your baseband was untouched due to the 6.15 baseband.
      So safe bet would be to use a custom firmware to not run into that error.
      Remember to do a pwned DFU so that u don’t get error 1600 and you should be on 4.3.3.
      Good luck!

    • Andrew
    • August 3rd, 2011

    “Yes I know it is a lot to keep up with but believe you me, you don’t want to be the one who one day his/her iPhone enters a boot loop and you didnt have any SHSH’s in the bag. ”

    And if I didn’t save my SHSH’s and I’m in a boot loop with 1013 errors? What do I do now?

    • what f/w are you on? I’m supposed to update this post. 🙂 tinyumbrella supports up to the latest f/w once you are not an iPad 2, you can exit it.

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