iPhone carrier.plist mods Detailed

[this information is outdated, it only applies to what I tried in iOS 4 alone and may not work in iOS 5]

Today we will outline two carrier.plist mods:

How to remove the “Call Forwarding Active” Message on your iPhone and Custom Carrier logos in iOS 4.x

Removing the “Call Forwarding Active” Message

Stemming from a previous post i did a while back (which i will subsequently remove because this is better), the annoying “Call Forwarding Active” Message that frequently popped up on unknown carriers with data service had to be removed.

But, in iOS 4.x, Apple decided that modifying carrier.plist files was no longer allowed. This thereby made life a little difficult to change setting in that plist file.
In iOS 3.0 there existed a tweak named ForwardMsgFix.deb which apparently removed the message which we wish to move. But as said early, this relied on modding the carrier.plist and this was blocked in iOS 4.x.

Subsequently, wortel created a Commcenter Patch which allowed for modded carrier.plist files in iOS 4.x and hence allowing use to thereby use ForwardMsgFix.deb successfully and removing the annoying message.

First of all Thanks goes out to wortel and Andre Sendowski of http://www.iphone-notes.de.

So, in order to remove this message in iOS 4.x, you first need to download the Commcenter patch by wortel here for iOS 4.x (up to 4.2.1). Before installing, make sure if you have to back up your network settings, back them up as my settings were erased. If you are from Trinidad and Tobago the settings are here. If you are on 4.3.2, jav4 has updated CommCenter Patch to support it, get it here.

You can see how to install this deb file from a previous post.

After you have installed the commcenter patch, restart your phone twice.

Now you will have to install one more deb. This is a modded ForwardMsgFix.deb that I have created for use along with this commcenter patch. Before it depended on the patch on that specific repo. You can grab this modded deb here. If you are on 4.3.2 use this one instead (the carrier.plist file moved!).

Install this and you should be good to go. No more annoying “Call Forwarding Active” Message.

Custom Carrier logos in iOS 4.x

As pointed out earlier it is now a pain to mod the carrier.plist file as compared to earlier versions. Thanks to ramis_ali85 from SiNful iPhone for pointing out how easy it is to do.

This method is for Digicel Carrier bundle and can work for ANY carrier even unknown ones. (digicel is an unknown carrier to the iPhone for Trinidad).

To make life easy, head over to Cydia and install Digicel Carrier Bundle. If your carrier has a bundle located here it will be much easier than having to edit the codes manually. This will place files in /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/ that can be recognized by the iPhone. However we are just using the format of that carrier.plist and adding it elsewhere.

For this to work also i believe you need to have a modded commcenter, so follow the instructions above for wortel’s patch and then proceed.

We will be using iFile from Cydia to make life easier.

Locate the Digicel Carrier Bundle files in iFile they should be in /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/

Then, open up the 374130 folder. Then open the carrier.plist file in the text viewer and select the following:

Basically the code between the dict tags you are copying.

What you do next is open the unknown carrier.plist and paste the code into it which is located in /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/Unknown.bundle at any location in the file. I did it towards the end.

All you do now is create the png files that are linked to the plist you edited, in our case: Default_CARRIER_Digicel TT.png and FSO_CARRIER_Digicel TT.png and paste them at this same location of /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/Unknown.bundle.

When you are done, respring or restart your iPhone and you should see your new carrier logo.

Here is mine:

For iPhone 4’s you need to add @2x to the end and the resolution may be to be 2 times bigger. You can use existing carrier logos for reference.

Good luck

Thanks for reading


  1. how to do this with sun cellular, philippines unofficial carrier…

  2. That I am not too sure. Sorry

    • omari jackson
    • September 23rd, 2011

    i am on digicel in barbados..i managed to change my carrier logo with this method, however when i connect my iphone4 to the macbook and open itunes i get a settings error..and once i restarted my phone i believe..the carrier logo disappeared..are these issues because i didnt do the commcenter patch? If so i will do the commcenter patch and re do the process..thx

  3. Yup. Once you are on ios 4 or greater, don’t try to tweak your virgin carrier.plist. Patch your commcenter before. If you just want a custom text, you can use fakecarrier in Cydia 😉

    • omari jackson
    • September 24th, 2011

    it says the commcenter patch is for 4.0 up to 4.2.1..is that accurate? I am on 4.3.3 btw..and yes its a custom image I am trying to change..not just text..thx

  4. Ohhh. For 4.3.3 you will have to do a much longer process. I think its linked above. You have to use bspatch, etc. 
    check here:

    i didnt add it in my original post because it is a little complicated. But i think towards the end, they spoke of a repo so i guess you can try that.
    On my iPhone currently, i didn’t do it because i dont see the need for it again. Also, if you use Winterboard, you do not need to do all this eh…

    • omari jackson
    • September 25th, 2011

    i do use winterboard for like everything..but for some reason i just cant seem to theme my carrier regardless of what method i try..if you can advise me how to do it via Winterboard i would really appreciate it..in the meanwhile i’ll try the cydia patch from the previous link u provided..fyi my carrier is DIGICEL and im in barbados..iphone 4/4.3.3 thx

  5. Hahaha I’m the opposite, I try my best to never use winterboard. I hate it. I’ll look it up for you soon when I get some time, I found it a while back on google. My settings were just as an example. Don’t follow it as gospel because your carrier id would be different I believe. 

    • omari jackson
    • October 9th, 2011

    hey i forgot to let you know that i managed to get my carrier changed perfectly with your method..i think the issue was the modded commcenter..so after months of trying with no avail..i finally manage to get it done..a matter of weeks before the release of ios5..which means i’ll have to find out how to do it all over again..smh lol..cheers

  6. Haha glad you got thru! I’m supposed to update to the final ios 5 but I am too lazy. I am back on 4.3.3 for the while. I may update this down the road, but my days for modding the carrier.plist are done. I’m keeping my phone as virgin as possible 😦

    • Alex
    • February 9th, 2012

    hi – I realize you arent doing carrier tweeking any more but i could do with some help from someone who has the experience if you can.

    I have a 4s on 5.01. when i bought it i had tethering and network settings enabled and everything was great. a recent carrier update though changed the access point used (APN) to the same as the data one. this was done so that i have access to the free data traffic of my data plan rather than using the pay as you go access method. now the thing is i would love the old carrier settings. how can this be done?

    i actually have access to change the the APN setting but when i do this it actually de-activates the tethering mode. if i reset the settings to the old one then it comes back.

    Phone is jailbroken and i have tried installing mywi and tetherme to see if i get the option to alter the apn but no.

    i see options such as – findining a mod/hack which enables the change without actually disabling the tethering mode.

    or removing the carrier update. interesting info is that the carrier.plist file in my phones library (under vodafone-gr folder) is the one with the settings i want. is there a way to get it installed instead of the current plist which i have no idea where it is stored?

    thanks! hope you can share some knowledge

    • Hey alex. Thanks for reading. Where I’m from, we have both a supported and unsupported carrier. The supported one happened to remove tethering from its carrier update. What we did was remove the said carrier bundle from the folder in here: /var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone You can use a program like iexplorer or ifunbox or ssh into the phone to go there. Now I don’t know what is your carrier you can leave it here or determine it on your own but you can easily delete (after you back it up of course) that bundle and reboot. What that does is erase all the data for your apn etc so be sure to note it before k?Good luck, hope it works and remember to back up

    • joey
    • April 4th, 2012

    ok i got a iphone 4s with gevysim i wanted the mms to work and was told to download leimobile so mms would work for tmobile. well every thing was working fine untill i shgut my phone off turned it back on and lost mms so i looked around and read up and someone posted to get ifile and delete carrier bundle name so i did and now i get no mms option in message settings and no data cant get internet please help.

    • Hmm do you see cellular data network option become available in network settings? If so you will need to manually enter the required settings.
      Good luck!

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