Hackintosh + Ubuntu 10.04 + Windows 7 on my Asus M50Vm-X1

Hey all,

I would like to write today on my experience with Multi-booting on my past Laptop. I am a very huge tech n00b even though some might think otherwise. So, here we go.

I always wanted a hackintosh system as I don’t own a Mac yet.

I tried a version of iATKOS 10.5.1 on my first try. This was stupid of me as i didnt realize it was not compatible. To get to the hackintosh bible, I suggest you go here. There you’d find ALL the major info you will need on your system(s).
My next move was a Kalyway(sp) on a AMD system, stupid me didnt realize i should have booted into safe mode using “-v -x” (without quotes). Oh well nothing but more experience gained.

My last mission was when i discovered this EPIC tutorial by countofsorrow on InsanelyMac which i MUST say is the best/most put together one i have seen as it applied to me directly.

My only grudge was that the power management bundle BROKE my PS2 drivers and i cant boot into OSX unless i use safe mode and I am too lazy to go back and fix this. So my advice is stay away from that. But everything else went as planned.

So I was trying to use only one bootscreen. I attempted to use Grub on linux but, this failed miserably with my hackintosh boot. It never loaded OSX.
Then i tried EasyBCD which i must add is very epic. If you are using it on windows 7 get the beta version here. This allowed me to boot into MacOSX easily. I cant seem to remember the version i used though. I later tried again to repeat the above the new version got me to Chameleon Bootscreen from OSX but it again… broke.

Back and forth i tried all kinds of ways and then i gave up. It ending up with me using GRUB as my main Bootscreen and used a EasyBCD edited bootscreen to allow access to Windows 7 AND MacOSX.

If however you want to use Grub, this is a great help out for you. And if you wish to remove Grub and reapply the windows bootloader, you can have a read here on win7forums.

To remove it, basically, you want cmd access in the Repair section of the Windows CD and you issue a simple “Bootrec.exe /FixMbr” (without quotes) and you will see almost instant a message “operation completed successfully.”
That is it.

The order in which i installed the OS’ was MacOSX, Windows 7 and then Ubuntu 10.04.

Just a bit off topic, the latest Ubuntu builds are awesome!

anyway, Grub really is very versatile as well as EasyBCD on windows. For most of my disk utilities i use Gparted on Ubuntu.
If you wish, you can check my post on creating a Live Boot Drive off a Flash Drive you have lying around.

This is all for now. I ended up selling the laptop to my close relative because I hardly use it. It now sports a vanilla copy of Windows 7 alone.


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