How to get rid of Stupid Fake AntiVirus’ and clean up your dirty system

So, you have been digging through some parts of the internet you shouldn’t have or clicked a few ads and triggered a cataclysmic (yea big word ae, love it?) chain reaction of events that left you with your laptop or desktop, blurred vision and an impaired knowledge of what happened last night.

Ok may be not but you may have this pesky FAKE antivirus telling you every second your infected and it will kill you if you don’t fix it… Right.

So I was handed over a laptop (fairly new and fairly “bess” spec’s I must say) with what I might say a LOT of sh!t. Trust me, that word was necessary.

So thank God for guidance and a little google search… (trust me, this easy!), I was able to find this very practical and simple guide to help things out.


This guide worked wonders for this setup. Alternatively you can check out UBCD for Windows or Hiren’s.

Good luck,


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