How to transfer Contacts from one iPhone to Another

Hello all,

With the latest iOS version, it seemed that the way contacts are stored in the sqlitedb files have changed and that you can’t transfer them to devices on 3.1.x and before. This was encountered in my 2G which is no longer update-able. The file I am talking about is located at /var/mobile/Library/AddressBook/AddressBook.sqlitedb

With a little help from google and some great posts over at xsellize i sorted it out.

Basically what was said in this post is the key to answer your worries.

So head over to sourceforge and grab a copy of this program sqlitebrowser and edit according to the post:

go on Browse Data
edit _ClientVersion line and put 12 on value

That is it, you now copy the modded AddressBook.sqlitedb back to the location and reboot (without launching contacts before reboot) and you should find all your contacts again!

If it is still still blank, you may need to modify the file permissions. To do this you must SSH into your device and change the octal number to 755. Then reboot!

Thank you much _Wolverine_ for that.


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