Install Multiple Apps at Once using Ninite

Hey all,

Thanks to one of my friends on Facebook, I discovered this site to share with you all.

It’s called Ninite Easy PC Setup.

To be honest i have been looking for this for the longest while and didn’t bother to google it but thanks to my pal for posting it.

So basically you navigate to the site and tick off what you want installed. You download the installer and it basically bulk downloads and installs the software you want. This hence saves you time you’d normally waste looking for your useful apps.

This is great for persons who are reinstalling their Windows or need to install this package of apps on multiple home systems.

If you wish to have a read of their Terms click here.

Here is what other sites had to say:

“installs the apps on your PC without introducing additional crapware”—PCWorld

“Save time. Grab the must have Ninite!”—Tom’s Hardware

“as useful as it is simple”—TechCrunch

“something I’d feel safe sending to a tech-challenged friend”—CNET News

Hope you liked this.

If you did, feel free to comment or follow me on twitter @modblog101.


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