How to add Ringtones to you iPhone

In many other sites you see a similar guide, in this guide we DO NOT sync the ringtones. This leads to you losing them when you Restore/Update but it does not cause you to lose your music that you manually sync to your iPhone.

I’d like to thank iClarified for the images. Also, if you want, have a read of the conventional method to make ringtones. It is essentially this you are doing but skipping the syncing 😉

  1. Get your song, and drag it into iTunes.

2. Right-Click and click Get Info
3) Edit where in the song you want it. Between which time lapse…

4) In iTunes, higlight the song and click advanced>convert selection to AAC.

5) Drag the new AAC file to the desktop. It will be of a *.m4a format.

6) Ensure you are able to see filenames, if you cant, check the guide posted in the beginning as to where you can change folder options in vista, etc. to view the file name.

7) Rename the File Extension from *.m4a to *.m4r and it will look as follows:
8 ) here is the catch. If your like me, and u manage your music/videos manually, syncing ringtones will in turn delete your stuff on your phone if you manually manage your music.

What i did was this:

  1. Load up your iPhoneBrowser/iPhone Explorer or DiskAid
  2. Navigate to Library > Ringtones
  3. Drag and drop the *.m4r file into that location and exit.

9) My file was Onyric.m4r

When your done check your iPhone Ringtones Settings>Sounds>Ringtone and see if its there:
There it is!

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  1. May 13th, 2010

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