My impressions of Android on iPhone 2G

Hey guys, I got Android to work on my iPhone 2G.

So I was bored studying last night and I decided why not try Android on my iPhone 2G and so said it was done.

If you wish to find a Step by Step Guide, I have posted one below.

All in all, I must say, having a little experience with Ubuntu since version 7 and using it periodically, it is not a hard process by any means. Thanks to planetbeing and his work, effort and tools, this was merely copying some files across to your iPhone folder /private/var/ using iFunBox and then loading up Ubuntu and issuing some commands in Terminal. If you have ever used Ubuntu before, by now issuing commands should be a piece of cake.

To the one reading this and saying, WTF is Ubuntu? Go have some fun on there Tour Page. To a new comer, the issuing of the commands might be a little challenge but it is just a few lines anyway and it’s good practice. All in all, it takes merely 10 minutes max! Once you have Ubuntu running and the files on your iPhone you are set.

You can grab a copy of Ubuntu Live CD here and get cracking!

With respect to the actual functioning thus far, it is very much in alpha stage as planetbeing stated. Only basic functioning works. You can place calls, receive calls, send text messages, etc.
The camera does not work and I have not figured out how to get my music playing. The free space shows up as 162MB. I guess that’s the partition it created?
Wifi is very buggy to say the least.
Also the phone runs VERY hot and battery dies quite quickly. I used it for about 5 minutes and 10% of charge flew away.
The Touchscreen interaction is nice but it needs tweaking.
The button placement is a bit tricky as well as the home button is volume down, back is now the power button, etc.
To turn off the phone you must hold home and power for 10 seconds.
All of this should be fixed at some point as this by far nothing finalized.

The mere fact that a build of Android 1.6 is running on an iPhone is amazing!

I believe this is all for now.

Here are some pictures:
Android on iPhone 2G

Android on iPhone MiB

If you wish to try this out, check out Adam’s post on his blog.

Some points to note,
1) You can use iFunBox to copy the files to /private/var/
2) You can just install libusb-1.0.0 and make sure to get libreadline-5 from package manager in ubuntu.

Thank you for reading and thanks again to planetbeing.

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