How to get GPS Working on your iPhone

This guide is for those who can’t get GPS working on their iPhones, due to some reason or the other. Until today i was not able to grab a proper signal. If you have GPS issues because of using blackra1n. You can use PushDoctor or PushFix to solve your GPS/WIFI/YouTube issue. This guide does not solve this.

First i would like to thank @Zscrugby for this initially.

A pre-req for this is having SBSettings. So head over to Cydia and get it. The Theme i’m using for SBSettings is Apple Congruency.

To Load SBSettings toggles remember to slide your finger over the Status Bar.

1. Load SBSettings and Turn Airplane Mode On (Press Phone). And Reboot. To reboot press Power (highlighted) and then Reboot.

2. After the phone has loaded up successfully, ensure Airplane Mode is still on. It should be.

3. Load up Maps App and click the Location Button on the bottom Left Corner.

4. Wait until it says “Your Location could not be determined”

5. Leaving Maps running, Turn Airplane Mode Off now using SBSettings (Swipe Status Bar and press “Phone”).

6. Press Location once more and you should grab an accurate GPS signal in seconds. (sorry i dont wish to show my home location).

Also try to do it as fast as possible we dont want Triangulated Data.

Let me know how it goes 🙂

Leave a comment if you wish and you can follow me @modblog101


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